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09 January 2015 | GCE Reports

CSEF 2013-2015

CSEF 2013-2015: Results Report July-December 2013 Global Campaign for Education
19 September 2014 | GCE Reports

Privatisation In Education

In the last decade, policies that involve some level of education privatisation, including public-private partnerships (PPPs), vouchers and “low-fee” private schools, have become increasingly prominent in global education debates and policies.
16 May 2014 | GCE Reports

Citizen Participation And The Right To Education Global Campaign For Education June 2014

Citizen Participation and the Right to Education Global Campaign for Education June 2014
09 January 2014 | GCE Reports

CSEF Progress Reports

Every six months each of the national education coalitions reports back on its progress.
29 August 2013 | GCE Reports

A Taxing Business: Financing Education For All Through Domestic Resources Global Campaign For Education, 2013

The Global Campaign for Education’s report, A Taxing Business: Financing Education For All Through Domestic Resources, identifies four major steps towards achieving increased domestic resources, primarily through improved taxation and revenue-generation from natural resources, and the vast impact this could make on ensuring quality, public education for all.
29 June 2013 | GCE Reports

Equal Right, Equal Opportunity: Inclusive Education For Children With Disabilities Global Campaign For Education And Handicap International, 2013

GCE’s new report on education and disability synthesises current evidence around the scale of the challenge, highlighting levels of exclusion from education faced by children with disabilities,...
29 June 2013 | GCE Reports

Mother-Tongue Education: Policy Lessons For Quality And Inclusion Global Campaign For Education 2013

This GCE policy briefing highlights the increasing body of evidence in support of mother-tongue learning from early years education, with the intention of informing educational language policies and supporting better quality educational outcomes.
02 October 2012 | GCE Reports

Rights From The Start: Early Childhood Care And Education Global Campaign For Education 2012

This report highlights the disastrous impact of neglecting early years care and education.
20 September 2012 | GCE Reports

Privatisation Of Education In Latin America And The Caribbean

Report from a seminar held in 2012 by the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE) and OSF.
29 June 2012 | GCE Reports

Every Child Needs A Teacher: Closing The Trained Teacher Gap Global Campaign For Education And Education International 2012

To ensure everyone can realise their right to education we must make sure everyone has access to a trained teacher.
02 February 2012 | GCE Reports

Gender Discrimination In Education: The Violation Of Rights Of Women And Girls Global Campaign For Education, February 2012

This report presents the results of a GCE survey of children and teachers conducted November 2011-February 2012.
05 October 2011 | GCE Reports

High Stakes

Oxfam International: Education Publications

The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a civil society movement that aims to end exclusion in education. Education is a basic human right, and our mission is to make sure that governments act now to deliver the right of everyone to a free, quality, public education.