Learning Hub

The GCE Learning Hub is the official platform for learning, collaboration and serves as a repository for knowledge and learning resources generated from the work and experiences of GCE membership, partners, and other education stakeholders.

The Learning Hub is a freely available online platform for GCE members, partners, and other stakeholders to engage, collaborate, and share knowledge and experiences on critical topics and issues related to GCE’s strategic goals and realisation of the right to education for all.


E-Learning Centre

GCE offers self-paced online courses for civil society organisations, activists, and the public on various topics relating to advocacy for the right to education for all.  

Please visit our publicly accessible e-learning centre to register or join as a guest and engage with our currently available courses at no cost.


Learning Communities

Learning Communities are one of GCE's practical knowledge exchange and learning spaces, originally derived from Communities of Practice (CoP) to provide virtual platforms for learning, collaboration and sharing experiences and ideas on key topics central to GCE's thematic priorities. Our Learning Communities bring together diverse stakeholders within and beyond the GCE membership who share the interest and passion to connect continuously. The Learning Communities are established to serve the following purpose:

  1. To provide multi-stakeholder and multi-purpose platforms where members of different constituencies with diverse expertise engage, collaborate, and share ideas and innovative practices around common topics. 
  2. To promote thematic discussions and sharing of information, knowledge, and resources on GCE's key advocacy and campaigning priorities. 
  3. To respond to the emerging thematic learning needs and advocacy moments.

More specifically, the Learning Community

  1. Provide a co-learning space.
  2. Facilitate dialogues.
  3. Capture and share existing knowledge and resources. 
  4. Encourage collaboration.
  5. Mobilise for joint actions. 
  6. Generate innovation. 

Currently, GCE coordinates five Learning Communities, which include: i. Education in Emergencies (EiE), ii. Education Financing (EdFin), iii. Inclusive Education and Early Childhood Education (IEEC), iv. Youth and, v. Gender.

The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a civil society movement that aims to end exclusion in education. Education is a basic human right, and our mission is to make sure that governments act now to deliver the right of everyone to a free, quality, public education.