As the primary responsibility for monitoring lies at the national level, countries should establish effective monitoring and accountability mechanisms which are adapted to national contexts and priorities, in consultation with all stakeholders. At the global level, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) remains the official source of cross-nationally comparable data on education and supports countries to strengthen national education data systems.

The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) report is the global mechanism for monitoring and reporting on SDG4 and on education in the other SDGs. It also reports on the progress of implementation of national, regional and international strategies to help hold all relevant partners accountable for their commitments as part of the overall SDG follow-up and review. At the international level, there are 11 global indicators for monitoring SDG4. These 11 global indicators represent the minimum set of indicators proposed to countries for the global monitoring of the SDG4 targets. A broader set of internationally-comparable indicators are also being developed. This set of 43 thematic indicators serve to chart global progress on education and to monitor the SDG4 education targets more comprehensively across countries, allowing the possibility to identify conceptual challenges regarding the targets that are not adequately addressed and reflected by the global indicators.

The Technical Cooperation Group (TCG), convened by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics and co-chaired with UNESCO’s Education Sector, is tasked with leading the development of the indicators through close cooperation with Member States, civil society representatives and experts from international and regional organizations. In parallel, the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning, also led by the UIS is focused on developing approaches and strategies for monitoring learning outcomes-based indicators.

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