Independent Evaluation of Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF) 2013-2015, October 2015
Evaluation Report (Vol I) – download in XXX and XXX
Country Case Studies Reports (Vol II) – download in English

Independent Evaluation of Regional and National Civil Society Education Funds (CSEF) 2009-2012, November 2012
Evaluation Report – download in
Country Reports – download in English

Coalition Resources produced through CSEF (2013-2015)
Through the support of CSEF coalitions have produced a number publications, materials, tools, and monitoring and tracking research, studies and analysis for use in their advocacy and policy work. These have covered a range of thematic focus areas, depending on the priorities of each coalition. The links below provide overview tables of the various resources produced per coalition, with an emphasis on a) publications and tools, and b) research, monitoring and analysis. Both tables contain information about the specific resources, including title, brief description and focus area, category (i.e. whether a newsletter, toolkit, budget analysis etc), and language availability. If accessible online, the relevant URL is also provided.

CSEF Global Tools and Resources
GCE has also produced a diverse range of publications and tools for capacity-building and learning around CSEF that you can view

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