The Gender Learning Community provides a virtual platform to cultivate and strengthen the GCE movement's common understanding of gender and the capacity to mainstream gender through targeted gender-conscious learning and knowledge generating to inform joint advocacy actions and influence gender frameworks in education policy. The engagements in the Gender Learning Community are centred around key pillars critical to GCE's advocacy and campaign priorities on gender, including but not limited to. 

  1. Gender equality and non-discrimination.
  2. Gender-responsive education in the state of emergencies and crisis. 
  3. Gender-responsive education financing.

Membership and participation in the Gender Learning Community is open to individuals and representatives of coalitions, networks and organisations interested in and passionate about acting against gender inequalities and discrimination. As a member of the community, you will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills with practitioners, civil society organisations, GCE members, external stakeholders, and experts from around the world. If your organisation or entity and individuals are interested in joining the Gender Learning Community, please submit an expression of interest through the button below.


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