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Protect Education in Emergencies Now!


Education is a basic human right. Yet even prior to COVID-19, 250 million children & youth were out of school and 800 million adults were illiterate. Conflict, climate change, disasters, public health emergencies and the forced displacement of people within and across borders are affecting a growing number of people all over the world. `In 2021, 235 million people were in need of humanitarian assistance and protection.

Emergencies have a devastating impact on the right to education of millions of people. In 2019, 127 million primary and secondary school-age children and young people living in crisis-affected countries were out of school. For the most marginalized—learners with disabilities, girls, and those from low-income households, among others—the impact is much greater. 

Despite this dire situation, education remains one of the most underfunded areas of humanitarian aid, receiving just 2,4 % of total global humanitarian funding.

A generation of children and young people living in emergencies are deprived not only of their human right to quality education, but also of the protection that education provides in these contexts. In emergencies, education may be the only safe space.


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The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a civil society movement that aims to end exclusion in education. Education is a basic human right, and our mission is to make sure that governments act now to deliver the right of everyone to a free, quality, public education.