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Global Action Week for Education 24–30 April 2016

In 2015, world leaders committed to the most ambitious global development agenda in history. For education, this includes the pledge to ‘ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030’.

Education is central to the achievement of all the Sustainable Development Goals, so failing to make adequate investments in education puts the success of the entire agenda at risk. One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from the last 15 years is that good intentions and political commitments cannot be delivered without sufficient, good quality financing. Together, we can ensure that these lessons are taken into account, and this first year of the implementation of the agenda provides an unmissable opportunity to make sure citizens’ voices are heard.

Money may not be everything in the education sector, but without it, the ambition of realising the right to education for everyone will never be fulfilled. That’s why we’re calling on governments worldwide to Fund the Future. We are asking teachers, students, education campaigners and members of the public to take part in events happening all around the world during Global Action Week for Education, which runs from 24-30 April 2016. Please visit the Fund the Future website to get involved, find out more, and register your activities.

Global Action Week for Education is one of the major focal points for the education movement. Created and led by the Global Campaign for Education, it provides everyone campaigning for the right to education with an opportunity to make targeted efforts to achieve change on the ground, with the added support of millions of members of the public worldwide joining together for the same cause.

This year, we are asking governments to Fund the Future by:

  • Individually committing and taking policy action to enable the implementation and financing of the Education 2030 Framework for Action
  • Deliver their existing financial bilateral and multilateral pledges to make measureable progress towards delivering mechanisms to ensure tax justice nationally, regionally and globally.
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The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a civil society movement that aims to end exclusion in education. Education is a basic human right, and our mission is to make sure that governments act now to deliver the right of everyone to a free, quality, public education.