All around the world members of our network worked on Spotlight reports for the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) to assess the status of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) on education in their countries or regions. Beyond the questioning around civil society’s relevance during HLPF, preparing spotlight reports is a useful exercise for civil society to better challenge their governments’ actions towards achieving SDG4 and provide evidence-based policy recommendations.

Though the common agreement is that there is still a long way to go to achieve free, quality, inclusive public education for all, countries and CSOs face specific challenges that demand targeted solutions, and overall a renewed commitment from States to better invest in education and the future of younger generations. As our Vice-President Madeleine Zúñiga declared during the official SDG4 review “We are convinced that education is a powerful instrument to transform lives and, therefore, transform the world, but not any education, but that which is an instrument of sustainable development, social justice, authentically democratic societies, global citizenship, the culture of peace that the whole world requires.” – and this is what the spotlight reports below highlight.

Below are the available reports for 2019 across the GCE network.

GCE’s Global report.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Burkina Faso Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Eswatini‘s presentation on their VNR report.

Ghana Spotlight Report on SDG 4 (Link to the shadow report on all the SDGs here)

Lesotho‘s presentation on their VNR report.

Mozambique Report on SDGs


Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) Regional spotlight report

Australia Spotlight Report on SDG 4 here and the full version here

Bangladesh Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Cambodia Spotlight Report on SDG 4

India Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Indonesia Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Japan Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Kyrgyzstan Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Mongolia Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Nepal Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Pakistan Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Papua New Guinea Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Philippines Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Sri Lanka Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Timor Leste Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Vanuatu Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Vietnam Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Latin America

Brazil Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Chile Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Dominican Republic Spotlight report on SDG4

Guatemala Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Nicaragua Spotlight Report on SDG4

(read our blog about Chile and Guatemala participation at the HLPF).

Middle East and Arab World

Iraq Spotlight Report on SDG 4

Tunisia Spotlight Report on SDG4

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