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ILORIN, Jan. 25, 2023 – In commemoration of the International Day for Education, Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) launched a research document titled, "Girl Child Education and Emerging Issues in Kwara State: Assessment of issues militating Girl Child Education Development in Kwara State". The report addresses factors affecting the education of the Girl-child in Kwara state and recommends potential solutions.

Over the years, girl-child education suffered because of many factors such as low-income family background, cultural beliefs of the parent, forced child marriage, and so on. Based on this, BBYDI embarked on this research-based project to precisely assess the issues hindering the increase in girl-child education in Kwara state by getting information directly from the girl-child, her parents, and her teachers.

As an organisation, we have always advocated for expanding access to education in Nigeria, evident in different programs we have held in the past, like the "TeensSpeakOut", an annual event where we bring secondary school students together to contribute their ideas to national issues. Last year, we launched a policy document on improving Nigeria's education system amidst COVID-19 and the Global Action Week on Education (GAWE). Earlier this month, we launched an issue brief and fact sheet on harnessing EdTech in Africa.

We implore the Kwara state government to activate action against gender-based violence in the state; this is to provide a safe space for the girl child to learn by strengthening security within and outside the school areas. When the girl child is assured of protection from harm, her attitude towards going to school to learn will change because she is sure that she is protected and her security is guaranteed.

According to BBYDI Executive Director, Nurah Jimoh-Sanni, “The state government should also penalise parents who deprive their wards of getting a basic education. This will deter parents from doing this or thinking of doing it.”

We urge relevant stakeholders to join the education crusade through sensitisation and other possible areas by donating study materials and organising educational programs with enticing prizes to encourage pupils/students.

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