Ramallah – Teacher Creativity Center won the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Award for Civil Work in its first edition, presented by Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN). The success of the Center was the culmination of its efforts and achievements during the past period, which recently, culminating in electing its General Director Refat Al-Sabah as a president of the Global Campaign for Education by the majority of the members.


The Award Committee declared that the selection of the Center stems from its commitment to apply the values of integrity and transparency, both at the level of the systems and procedures that governing its role and its internal environment, or its programs and activities in the field, which are generally focused on building a conscious and transparent generation of youth, and for the integration of integrity values in the Palestinian educational system.

AMAN explained that at the level of governance and public authority, the invitation is general and open to those wishing to join the General Assembly, while the elections are to be nominated to the Board of Directors in accordance with the rules of procedure, which takes into account the standards of integrity and transparency in the electoral process and governance of the Center.

Referring to the administrative and financial level within the Center, AMAN pointed out that TCC staff is aware of his work, adding that “the work is based on partnership and the functional hierarchy, which does not become absolute without the participation of all in any case concerning him or the center. Therefore, the degree of criticism and expression Very open in the center, which leads to transparency in the implementation of any task for any member of the center. ”


AMAN also noted that the Center is keen to facilitate access to financial and administrative information for those who wish to obtain it, in addition to the commitment of the staff to implement all the financial and administrative laws. Accordingly, the administrative reports are shared with the donors, the beneficiaries and the partner in the implementation, as well as conducting evaluations of its financial reports by internal and external auditors, other than the donors.

Drawing attention to institutionalize these values in the Palestinian curriculum and to focus on the concepts of citizenship, civic education and other principles that contribute to the consolidation and promotion of values of integrity and transparency. And pointing to the success of the Center in gaining the trust of governmental, non-governmental and international institutions, as a result of its leadership of many social initiatives, which require large coalitions and unions, this means the center has managed to build a credible social incubator.

The Center confirmed on its pleasure to win this award, and noted that it would increase the degree of commitment and responsibility towards the community and its issues, especially education.

TCC commended AMAN coalition and the committee, indicating that it will continue to carry out its mission and community role. It worth’s mentioning that TCC is, a non-governmental organization, started its activities in 1994 at the initiative of a group of teachers who believe in the importance of contributing to the reform of education, thus, since its founding, TCC has carried a message and a clear vision, guided by values of integrity and transparency.


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