The Palestinian Education Coalition members elected their Steering Committee in a meeting was held in Jordan. The Coalition’s General Assembly elected 11 members out of 18 candidate organizations for the elections, and the new Steering Committee members are comprised of the following organizations: Teacher Creativity Center, Palestinian Consultative Commission for Developing NGOs, Partners in Sustainable Development, Mother Schools Society, Student Forum, Union Charitable Society Organizations for Development, Palestinian Medical Relief, Health Worker Committee, Palestinian National Commission for NGOs, Yafa Cultural Center and Women’s Affairs Technical Committee.

The General Assembly meeting started with irregular session in which a decision was made to expand number of the Steering Committee to 11 in West Bank and 7 in Gaza, and the President should be the main voice for any decisions in case of equal votes, then GA conducted regular session which included presenting administrative annual report and financial one for 2017 and were ratified approved by all members, then previous Steering Committee resigned and election was conducted for the new committee.

The new elected Committee conducted its first meeting to distribute positions, which Teacher Creativity Center was selected as president, Partners for Sustainable Development as vice-president, Union Charitable Society organizations for Development as Secretary, Palestinian consultative Commission for Developing NGOs as Treasurer and other elected organizations as members.

This meeting came after conducting two training workshops for developing capacity of the coalition members in Policy Analysis and in Documentation violation on right to education which both last for 3 days and with participation of 24 member organizations.

Palestinian Education Coalition, its Palestinian civil institutional framework, working to pressure and influence on Policies in order to deliver a qualitative, free and compulsory education for Palestinian Children in accordance with the fourth goal of global development goals. This coalition consists of associations, federations, trade unions and committees, working together to reach a safe educational environment to enhance the national identity.

Palestinian Education Coalition was founded in 2007 by the Teacher Creativity Center in order to gather all working efforts in the education sector in Palestine to form an organized and influencing body on the Palestinian educational policies to come up with a qualitative outcomes in education.

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