LEG Results Brochure (March 2018)

This paper aims to share learning emerging from the CSEF programme. It utilises information gathered from country level experiences within the CSEF programme as well as data generated through CSEF’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning system2. It focuses on engagement within LEGs, acknowledging that coalitions participate in a range of education policy related forums and spaces 3
The Learning Exchange Brief presents a brief quantitative cross-country snapshot of key data. It then identifies 6 key lessons learned by national education coalitions. The 6 lessons are linked to good practices in LEGs identified by the GCE.

At the national level, the GPE encourages governments to bring together all education partners in a collaborative forum called the Local Education Group (LEG), led by the Ministry of Education. A LEG is a multi-stakeholder body usually convened by the government to support education sector planning, policy development, implementation and monitoring through joint sector reviews. LEGs ideally include government representatives, development agencies, donors, civil society organisations and teacher organisations.

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