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The Arab Campaign for Education for All declares its solidarity with the Syrian and Turkish people and calls for urgent international support for Syria

The Arab Campaign for Education for All expressed its solidarity, sympathy and condolences to the people of Syria and Turkey, and wished the injured a speedy recovery as a result of the devastating earthquake that struck the territories of the two countries yesterday morning.

The Arab Campaign for Education for All confirmed in a statement that it has closely followed the course of the unfortunate events in both the Republic of Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic, following the earthquake that resulted until the moment of writing this statement in the death of about 4,365 people, as the number of victims in Syria alone reached more than 1,444 people, according to data from the Syrian Ministry of Health and relief and rescue teams, about 3,411 injured, in addition to the collapse of more than 80 large buildings, and the damage and cracking of about 2400 buildings wholly or partially. These numbers of casualties continue to increase as a result of slow rescue operations and limited capabilities in the affected areas of Syria.

The Arab Campaign for Education for All said that it views with great seriousness the slow efforts of the international emergency response to help Syria face the effects of the devastating earthquake, especially in the delivery of aid to the affected and directly affected areas, and support rescue efforts in them, as the rescue operation is exposed to many obstacles, the first of which is the obstruction of rain and snow, the efforts of rescuers, the lack of mechanisms for rescuing people under rubble, and sanctions constitute the main obstacle to the access of these machines to the affected areas.

The Arab Campaign for Education for All called on the European Union to lift the blockade and economic sanctions on Syria, and to give priority to humanitarian considerations in light of this great ordeal that has afflicted the Syrian Arab people.

The Arab Campaign for Education for All also calls on the international community to take urgent action to assist those affected by the earthquake, including unconditional support for ceasefire efforts across Syria to enable immediate and unfettered humanitarian access and support to all parties and areas affected by the earthquake.

The Arab Campaign for Education for All also calls for ensuring that humanitarian aid reaches all those in need in line with humanitarian principles. Many Syrians are now left homeless among collapsed buildings in the rain and snow, amid freezing temperatures and countless numbers trapped under the rubble. The time has come for solidarity.

On the other hand, the Arab Campaign for Education for All calls on international and UN institutions to take action to protect education in Syria and activate protocols to protect education in emergencies and crises, including providing international support and funding to ensure the continuation of the educational process in the affected Syrian areas, rehabilitating schools and educational institutions in those areas, and ensuring the safety of students and educational staff and their return to school as soon as possible.

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