The war in Yemen has left many demolished schools, countless demolished dreams and many tragic stories to tell. Amal Hussain, like many others, died of hunger. She fought malnutrition for years and was a symbol of hope and life, but she couldn’t stand enough. Her death became an undeniable evidence of the brutality of the war in Yemen.

Despite all commitments, plans and strategies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we cannot move forward in life if we are still living in conflict. How can we think about good quality, free, inclusive education and lifelong learning while we are suffering? According to UNICEF, every 10 minutes a Yemeni child under 5 years dies of malnutrition, disease, and other preventable causes.

World leaders must raise their voices for Yemeni children

Unfortunately, Yemen did not feature prominently in the discussion held during the United Nations 2019 High-level Political Forum, where SDG4 was reviewed for the first time. A the 74th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 74), which will open on 17 September 2019 the international community, decision makers and world leaders must raise their voices for Yemeni children.

UNESCO projections show that most countries are off track in achieving SDG4 by 2030. If we do not achieve the education goal, the other SDGs will not be met either. The Yemeni Coalition for Education for All (YCEA) says “If we still have war we won’t even reach the minimum standards of living. War deprives children of their rights, including their Right to Education. All we want is to live peacefully with no harm”.

To get back on track the world’s rulers must stay committed to end wars and conflicts all over the world and to secure the Right to Life for all.

Author: Abeer Takrori Tamimi, Arab Campaign for Education for All (ACEA) and the Yemeni Coalition for Education for All (YCEA)

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