In March 2021the Global Campaign for Education launched a photo-story competition. It had been a year since schools first closed because of COVID- 19. In that year over 1 billion people’s education has been impacted around the world. The Photo-story competition was developed as an opportunity to encourage people from around the world to document and speak up about the impact of COVID- 19 on education.

After entries from around the world, and on the first day of the Global Action Week for Education 2021, we are DELIGHTED to announce the winners!

Africa category

WINNER: Saymore Libertyl

Saymore’s photo from Zimbabwe visualises the increased inequality in education with remote students having a “lack of access to radios, television, computers, internet, and data left many students unable to engage in remote learning”.

Second place: Magdalena Kern

Second place goes to a powerful photo from South Sudan titled “Against all odds – learning in a refugee camp during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Photo gallery category

WINNER: Yael Sabbagh

This incredibly moving photo story from Guatemala begins with “A typical day in my virtual learning, as an 11th grader in Guatemala, follows a very monotonous pattern: wake up, open computer, mute microphone, turn off camera, leave meeting’ and follows Yael’s education and personal experiences through the pandemic.

Second place:Herbert Chibvongodze

The photo gallery from Zimbabwe shows how innovative and flexible teachers and students are being to keep learning while their schools remain closed.

Do take a look at these powerful images in these GCE Flickr and Facebook page Galleries: Yael Sabbagh and Herbert Chibvongodze

Please share the photos far and wide on social media using the hashtags #GAWE2021 #OneBillionVoicesForEducation

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who entered! The judging committee were honoured to review such beautiful photos that highlight the universality of the challenge of the impact of the pandemic on education but also the resilience of people to find a way to keep learning!

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