Education Not Debt! Financing Education with Debt Alleviation: From Assumptions to Specifics

As part of the “Global Days of Action for Justice and Debt Cancellation” and in the framework of the One Billion Voices for Education Campaign, the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is pleased to invite you to the global launch of GCE’s latest research on debt and education financing.

Date/Time: 27 October 2021, 4pm CET

Interpretation will be provided in Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese


Produced in partnership with Open Society Foundations (OSF) and ActionAid International (AAI) the research explores the key factors that influence the relationship between debt alleviation and increased domestic financing for education.

Discussions about debt alleviation mechanisms and education financing tend to be based on theoretical assumptions or empirical generalisations. They often suggest a positive correlation between debt alleviation and education financing but do not provide empirical evidence. GCE’s research project contributes to filling this gap. Based on a detailed analysis of statistics and interviews with local actors conducted by local researchers in seven different countries, the research shows that the dynamics between debt and education financing are much more complex than the assumption that less debt payment translates into more resources for education. The case studies of Lebanon, Mongolia, and Zambia show the multiple and diverse ways in which debt alleviation mechanisms and education financing interplay.

Researchers from Lebanon, Mongolia, and Zambia will briefly present their research and explain its relevance in their specific contexts. A panel of experts on debt and/or education financing will be invited to discuss the research and its significance globally and possible best practices for the World Bank, the IMF, and G20 countries.


  • Heidi Chow—Executive Director, Jubilee Debt Campaign
  • Ladislau Dowbor—Full Professor of Economics at the Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Pedro Rossi—Professor of Economics and Head of the Austerity Observatory, University of Campinas, Brazil
  • Camilla Croso – Director of the Open Society Education Program, Open Society Foundations
  • David Archer—Head of Participation and Public Services, ActionAid International
  • Luis Eduardo Pérez—Policy and Research Advisor, Global Campaign for Education
  • George Hamusunga—Executive Director, Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC)
  • Saleh Amin—Researcher
  • Mrs. Samar Sahyoum—Lebanese Coalition for Education (ANPE)
  • Otgontugs Banzragch—PhD in Economics and Education, Economics Department, National University of Mongolia
  • Dondogdulam Tungalag—National Coordinator, “All for Education” National Civil Society Coalition of Mongolia


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