COVID-19 Pandemic: A message from the GCE President
Dear Members

I write to you in the midst of this COVID-19 Pandemic, claimed to be the greatest global threat since World War II. In the face of panic, despair and despondency, it is human to feel overwhelmed, powerless and ineffective in terms of our ongoing pursuit of GCE goals. It is natural to feel that the unstinting efforts which we have made to progress our targets have been stalled if not weakened by the trajectory of this relentless virus.

However, I plead with you not to lose resolve. I urge you to observe the immense potential of the human spirit in the manifestation of co-operation, solidarity and the realisation of our interdependence, exhibited by all stakeholders in this crisis.

At a global level, we have awakened to the knowledge that we are all in this together and that we will not solve this health crisis by individual approaches, or sectional interests. A communal approach and a redistribution of resources suddenly and immediately has become a reality in ways never previously deemed possible.

Let us, as GCE members, hold on to that image and project it as a beacon for moving forward when this virus dissipates. Let it inform and strengthen our continuing advocacy for equality of opportunity, equal access to education and for the resources to fulfill our potential as human beings.

We have witnessed our ability and the possibility to react as Communities, Societies and Nations, collectively, decisively, immediately and cohesively. let us continue to advocate for the same immediacy and cohesiveness being applied to the nurturing and education of our most vulnerable. If we have learnt anything from this crisis, it is that pulling together is the only way forward. We must therefore ensure that post COVID-19, we lobby for those same principles to be applied to addressing the most essential needs of society and that we continue to call for collective action in relation to our GCE goals

As co-creators and co advocates in our global campaign for education, I wish you, your families and your organisations good health and safety. I also entreat you to go forward with the same strength, resilience and the resolve which has been so evident in this current fight against COVID-19 and which you have shown so unfailingly in your past endeavours.

A lot had been done – but there’s a lot more to do. Let us not lose sight of that, in the immediacy of this crisis.

As sure as day follows night, there WILL be light at the end of the tunnel.

In Solidarity

Refat Sabbah, President GCE.

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