ACEA: Regional Open Wave, Launching a Regional Campaign on “Debt Cancellation for Future of Education in the Arab Region.

The Arab Campaign for Education for All -ACEA is launching a regional advocacy campaign to enable the urgent demand of debts cancellation for the Arab countries and the
most affected countries from wars and conflicts. It also aims at raising the voice of citizens and civil society organizations and convey their demands to the governments and to the International financial institutions.

The campaign entitled “Debts Cancellation for Future of Education in the Arab Region” includes several events and activities at short- and medium-term interventions (1-3) years in
order to ensure debts cancellation for education and to secure an increase in public financing for education.

30 January 2021, 9:00 GMT

You can join the event HERE and access useful documents here, posters (Arabic and English), Agenda and ToR.

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