Position الرئيس
Constituency President

Refaat Sabbah

Dr. Refat Sabbah is, since November 2018, the president of the Global Campaign for Education. He has extensive experience in the field of education as a social actor, empowering and promoting the critical role of teachers.

He also serves as president of the Arab house of Adult Education and Development (AHEAD); the Regional Coordinator of Arab Campaign for Education for all (ACEA); the Chair of the Arab Network for Human Rights and Citizenship Education (ANHRE) and is the founder and General Director of the Teacher Creativity Center, a body which promotes transformative and human rights based Education at national and international levels in cooperation with a number of leading international platforms and initiatives.

Mr Sabbah is an active board member and representative of civil society on a number of leading international platforms including the High-Level Education 2030 Steering Committee; an International Coordination Group Member of UNESCO’s Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education 2030; the UNESCO led Advisory Committee to the International Commission on the Futures of Education; the Advisory board for the Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM); and the High-Level Steering Committee of Education Cannot Wait (ECW).as well as he is a advisory committee member of the Transforming education summit

Dr. Sabbah is a published author and holds a PhD in Education from Almaref University, Yemen, for his important work in support of education in Yemen as well as a Masters in Women Development and Law from Birzeit University, Palestine, and Masters on Educational Management from Al Quds open University. He has also completed a number of additional diplomas in the areas of adult training development, and Journalism.

الحملة العالمية للتعليم (GCE) هي حركة مجتمع مدني تهدف إلى إنهاء الإقصاء في التعليم. التعليم هو حق أساسي من حقوق الإنسان ، ومهمتنا هي التأكد من أن الحكومات تعمل الآن لإعطاء حق كل فرد في تعليم عام مجاني وذي جودة عالية.