Funded Coalitions

Since its initiation in 2009, CSEF has continued to grow, reaching up to 63 national coalitions of education campaigners and activists, teachers’ unions and civil society organisations across low- and middle-income countries, advocating successfully for the achievement of a quality education for all children and youth.

CSEF funds a single plan for action in each of the countries covered, which is developed and implemented by a coalition of civil society actors. National coalitions develop these plans in line with their own contexts and priorities, and within the structure of the overall aims and objectives for the CSEF. Through CSEF, civil society coalitions are strengthening their participation in national education policy processes, building greater public awareness of and engagement in education issues, engaging in monitoring, tracking and research, participating in policy and lobbying, and working together across countries to share learning and engage with international education policy processes. Coalitions represent a wide range of members, including teachers unions, women’s groups, grassroots organisations, parents associations, youth groups etc. By the middle of 2016, CSEF memberships were representing a total of 4,335 organisations, which marks a continual and significant expansion in civil society reach since the programme began. Below is an overview of CSEF-funded coalitions, which you can also download :CSEF LARGE MAP MARCH 2017 final

You can also access a detailed list of CSEF-supported coalitions .