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GCE President Refat Sabbah Speech on his Re-election

Dear all,

Thank you, thank you to everyone who won the defense of justice in education and allowed me to continue working together to continue establishing the values of fairness and justice and defending the right to education. Here…. South Africa is a witness that the struggle for rights is a battle worth facing. We have accomplished a lot, and we still have a long way to go as far as the struggle is concerned... The noble goal we seek to achieve requires us to move forward... and build on what has been achieved. With team spirit, we can achieve a lot together.

Today, I renew my commitment to remain a soldier to promote education that does not exclude anyone... for the sake of the refugees, and the sake of the marginalised... for the sake of the children of the camps and marginalised areas and the children of Palestine... for the sake of the poor students and the underprivileged groups... for the victory of the values of justice.... We must stay together.

It is a historic moment in which I consider that your trust and support will be a new starting point … have we accomplished all that we planned for ?… the answer is absolutely no…  Not because we fell short, but because we are working in a field full of challenges, obstacles, and variables... Whoever followed the Education Transformation Summit realises that we are facing a next stage that requires us to redouble our efforts.

We are all responsible and accountable... We are all required to act...  By rising to the challenge... so that education remains the gateway to the future and the source of safety

For a moment, I felt that I did not gain the trust of some because I am a Palestinian... Here I am again proud of being Palestine and my identity, in which the meaning of preserving the right to education is embodied in light of the violations of the prolonged occupation.

Let us integrate and communicate... until we lay the foundations for what it means to be....  And let us win for governance and accountability. We have learned from the struggle that one hand does not clap... so, come together.  … let us lay the landmarks of the future that we want … so that our children and the coming generations may enjoy their full rights and so that education remains a lever of hope and a gateway to cross over.

Thank you...Believe me, being confident that the impossible is possible is the beginning of success. So let's overcome all the impossible together.

You have all the love, comrades and friends... You have all the covenant... And our children and our generations have every right... Thank you from the bottom of my heart... Whoever was with me supporting me was because he realised that we had succeeded, and whoever did not support me wished us the best... For this, we say thank you to everyone, and it is an opportunity for review, evaluation and reflection.

Together, we move towards buildings more, associated with giving and a sense of belonging. So, let the ceiling of our ambition be the sky.

Thank you. 

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The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a civil society movement that aims to end exclusion in education. Education is a basic human right, and our mission is to make sure that governments act now to deliver the right of everyone to a free, quality, public education.