GCE Virtual World Assembly

Strengthening the Role of Youth in the GCE Movement and Beyond

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124 GCE members comprising 93 national education coalitions, 17 International NGOs and 14 regional networks and youth-led organisations will convene for a Virtual World Assembly. Hundreds of GCE partners will also participate in this landmark Assembly.

Convening at a critical juncture in the education movement, the GCE World Assembly offers members and partner an opportunity to REFLECT, CONNECT, STRATEGISE, ORGANISE, MOBILISE, LEARN, EXCHANGE, CONSOLIDATE and TRANSFORM on all pertinent issues related to education.

Furthermore, in line with a resolution passed during the 6th GCE World Assembly (November 2018), members will be requested to vote for the addition of a second seat for the Youth constituency on the GCE Board. This process will also involve voting on constitutional amendments that seek to strengthen the youth constituency in the GCE and beyond.

All members and partners are encouraged to register HERE. Registered members and partners will receive a link to participate in the Virtual World Assembly.

Access the Virtual World Assembly Resource Pack Here.

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Cast your vote now! For the youth second seat on GCE Board

Voting will be opened on the 23rd of March and close on the 24th of March 2021 and will run for 12 hours. Votes received after the closing time and date will not be counted.

Only GCE members eligible to vote can cast their vote using the link below. Votes from ineligible members will not be considered. Carefully cast your vote as you will be unable to vote or amend your vote.

Do you support the adding of a second seat to the Youth constituency on the GCE Board?


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