Education Financing in Africa

Education Financing in Africa, Including Emerging Issues Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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This report is a result of a programme undertaken by GCE in line with its strategic objectives confirmed by the movement in 2018 during the Kathmandu World Assembly.

GCE is a campaigning organisation, working in a three-level structure – national, regional and international and has been working on Education Financing since 2015. In the past years, GCE has developed reports and tools to build civil society capacity in monitoring education budget. In particular, two strategic workshops were organised in 2018 to emphasise on the principles and tools for pledge tracking. Therefore, this report is crucial to follow up on this important work and ensure that the available tools are well understood and used on a regular basis by GCE members to deliver more evidence-based advocacy and to further enhance GCE’s campaigns.

Furthermore, in 2019 GCE proposed a continuation of the Education Financing programme aligned to the GIZ German Backup Education Initiative with a focus on Africa. The programme comprised of setting up data gathering tools, aggregating data and comparing them with publicly available sources, using these data for enhancing advocacy work. In addition to these outcomes online learning courses were developed on education financing and advocacy intended to complement the tool of this present report on Education Financing in Africa including emerging issues related to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

This report was prepare by Dr. Betty Udongo, MP in Uganda who has a background on education analysis in her country. The data gathering process was crafted as a capacity building exercise for national coalitions in Africa. This process was skilfully supported by ANCEFA (Africa Network Coalition for Education for All) by working directly with national coalitions and assisting them to put budget data on education with a high level of differentiation into the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning tool, that coalitions had learnt to use during the 2017-2020 CSEF programme, funded by GPE.

Coalition coordinators and programmes officers were trained on how to use a SalesForce based data collection tool, to gain more insight into their respective country budgeting processes and collect budget data, that would enable them to strengthen their lobby for better education finance and reminding duty bearers i.e. their government ministers of the pledges made in 2018 to reach a higher share of education in the national budget and increase the size of the budget in general terms. By necessity the analysis of these data also led to considerations on issues around tax and revenue and privatisation.

The report maybe a useful tool for coalitions in Africa to undergird their advocacy work towards realistic, credible and ambitious replenishment commitments.

Updated report will be uploaded soon