Webinar: COVID-19, perspectives from francophone countries

This webinar organised by the Global Campaign for Education addressed the issue of the right to education during the COVID-19 crisis in francophone countries.

We had an informal discussion, introduced by some insights on the regional and national contexts.

The proposed agenda featured:

  • Samuel Dembélé, GCE Board Chair, to introduce the webinar.
  • Dr Koumba Boly Barry, UN Special rapporteur on the right to education.
  • Carole Coupez, Solidarité Laïque/ Coalition Education, for quick presentation on the situation in France.
  • Solange Akpo, ANCEFA, for an overview from Africa.
  • Cheikh Mbow, COSYDEP, for a perspective from Senegal.
  • Discussion on the difficulties presented by the crisis and the exchange of experience, reaction to the messages of the speakers
  • An exchange about the recovery, how to approach the reopening of schools in particular, how to better prepare for a second wave or other crises
  • How to work better together – reflection on the tools to put in place, the capacities and mechanisms of mutual assistance, discussion on a possible next joint campaign

The Webinar took place on Wednesday June 3rd at 3 pm CEST/ 9 am EST/.

You can watch the recordings below or on YouTube here and here.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The full list of past and upcoming webinars is available here.

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