Palestinian Education Coalition Position Paper to UNRWA

In Palestine, The Global Action Week for Education slogan, MyEducation, MyRight(s) was localised with the addition of MyDignity, MyIdentity, MyFreedom and MyTale. A slogan that is inspired and related to the daily reality of life in Palestine. This slogan is relevant because the right to education for many children is non existent as a result of the loss of 8669 educational classes because of the violent attacks and the presence of demolition orders in schools. Below is a position paper from the Palestine Education Coalition (PEC) to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)


Education for Palestinian Refugees – a right that promotes global peace

Starting with the world’s interest in education, and the United Nations visions that works on the continuous review for sustainable development related to education in response to the civil society movement that give broad attention to its participation in accountability to achieve the targets of the fourth development goal until year 2030 . Education and its financing will continue to ensure the sustainable development for all around the world.

In Palestine, the right to education is exposed to a significant detraction and threats that have increased in the last two years, the most prominent are those crises associated with the UNRWA.

The slogan of GAWE “My Education, My Right” derived from fourth sustainable development goal 2030 “quality education for all” hence civil society is raising our voices against the derogation of the right of Palestinian refugees to receive a quality and inclusive education.

The world is required to not abandon its responsibility for the education of Palestinian refugees, it’s a requirement from the civil society and the world to stand united against policies that seek to evade this right, and advocate internationally to keep this organisation.

The Palestinian education coalition addresses all official international organisations, civil society and the countries with permanent and temporary membership in the Security Council that children from the Palestinian refugees should not pay the price of international policy that they have no relation in formulating. The coalition is also aware of the need to find a concrete solution mechanisms to support UNRWA’s education. The UNRWA crisis has not been radically solved. Thus the coalition calls on:

– The importance of a continuous work on obligations of countries to keep their commitments towards UNRWA.

– The UNRWA education system is currently experiencing this crises because of past accumulations and previous crisis, there is a need for a solution and not to keep deporting this.

– The importance of the initiative of NGOs in all countries of the world to organise advocacy campaigns for the continued regularity of education in UNRWA schools

– The need to full neutralisation of education away from any UNRWA reduction policies.

– Provide a concrete solution to financing UNRWA schools and provide strong obligations for the benefit of UNRWA

– The importance of UN agencies to practice its role in rejecting the targeting of UNRWA including educational institutions.


30 April 2019

Palestinian Education Coalition

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