A whole new GCE Board meets for the first time since the World Assembly

Photo GCE President with Secretariat in Johannesburg

In November 2018, Global Campaign for Education (GCE) hosted its 6th World Assembly in Kathmandu Nepal, under the theme “Transforming public education systems for equality, inclusion and justice”. At this 6th World Assembly a new President alongside new Board members were elected to further advance the commitments, values and principles of the global campaign.

Worldwide public education is at a critical point that demands stronger commitments to ensure the timely delivery of free quality education for all as set out in the Education 2030 agenda. This is why now, more than ever, GCE is strengthening its capacity and welcoming a wave of change that comes with a renewed and decisive leadership.

The new President, Refaat Sabbah, is a former teacher, founder and General Director of the Teacher Creativity Center in Palestine and the General Secretary of the Arab Coalition for Education for All (ACEA). His commitment to Human Rights in the Middle East region and his tenacity to foster positive change are the backbone of his leadership. During the World Assembly, Refaat shared this message to the membership.

GCE Board Members are a true reflection of internal democratic processes. The Board represents GCE constituencies from across the membership. These include regional representatives from Middle East, Europe/North America, as well as Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean along with education stakeholders such as teachers unions, international NGO’s as well as youth representatives make up this global diverse movement.

With seven female Board Members including the Vice President Madeleine Zúñiga, who represents the Latin America & Caribbean constituency, GCE sets a positive example by ensuring the gender composition at the highest level is on the right side of the gender debate.

Other females Board members include Ema Jackson campaign Manager for Send My Friend to School, Beathe Øgård, President of the Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (SAIH) as well as Nafisa Baboo, Senior Advisor at Inclusive Education for Light for the World, and representative the International NGOs constituency.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, our female voices shared this message elevating GCE’s recognition of gender equality as a human right needed to achieve gender equality across broader social, political and economic development spaces.

From March 17- 20th the new Board convenes in Johannesburg. This will be the first time since the 6th World Assembly that the Board meets to discuss their mandate for the coming years. This is an opportunity for the Board to meet GCE staff who provide support to a growing network of members, the true defenders and protectors of public education, and to discuss the way forward for the movement including the adoption of the 2019-2022 strategic plan.


The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a worldwide network of civil society organisations, governed by members through the World Assembly (held every four years). Our campaign remains a collaborative effort that strengthens impact at national, regional as well as global level and significantly influences international frameworks and debates to deliver the right of everyone to a free, quality, public education.

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