Global Campaign for Education – An expansive, democratic and diverse global movement

After nearly 20 years of existence, the Global Campaign for Education continues to strengthen and diversify, and is the largest civil society movement working to realise the human right to education. The 6th GCE General Assembly meeting and successful elections procedures, attest to the true values ​​of the global campaign. Our work remains a collaborative network that strengthens impact at national, regional as well as global level and significantly influences international frameworks and debates. GCE is a solid and influential movement, retaining enough flexibility to adapt to the political context of various national and regional realities. The elections held were a crucial milestone to advancing the commitments, values and principles of the global campaign.

In comparison to previous elections, these November World Assembly meetings of the campaign and the elections were highly distinguished. The meetings of the global campaign clearly indicate the comprehensive presentation of a clear direction; that we are not only active, but effectively engaged in the context of building a global educational movement that stands beside the marginalised; We are a movement that works to verify the availability of free, compulsory and universal quality education for all children, a movement that is victorious for implementation on the ground, affecting real practical change, not only in theory. Our activities positively impact the most vulnerable in society.

The time has come to realise that building this movement requires from us, to re- examine the structure of the coalitions that form the fuel and the power of the global movement. It will require us to empower it, to enhance its development and to protect its defenders.

We are confident that with the spirit of cooperation, integration and the diversity of our campaign, the nature of the members, the diversity of their languages, cultures and aspirations, and the one dream that unites us, we will achieve what we look forward to, from aspirations rooted in the legitimacy of the right to education.

With such diversity, and universality reflected in the nature of our activities, the members of the global campaign embody the human mosaic of the universe in which we live. They present a bright picture of the global citizenship for the next stage, which is not easy according to data. Lack of funding, the decline in education support, the increasing trend towards the privatisation of education, as well as the internal conflicts among countries; these are all challenges we have to confront and overcome, and that requires systematic, inclusive and sustained action.

We should be proud that GCE is one of the noblest and most effective social movements in the modern era, which includes all who fight to ensure the right to education.

The intensity of the internal debates shows the strength of the movement which ideas are integrated with its values ​​and principles, and I hope that after we have arranged and finalised the administrative and democratic entitlements, we start immediately to resume working on a solid basis, which focuses on the unity of ambition and the nobility of our mission.

Refaat is a key education and human right activist in the Middle East region. Over the years he has accelerated both Civil Society organisations and government to recognise that Education is not just a commodity but RIGHT.

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