World Assembly opening and welcoming remarks – President of NCE Nepal

Official opening and welcoming remarks – Kumar Bhattarai, President of NCE Nepal

Welcoming President of Nepalese Coalition for Education, Kumar Bhattarai. NCE, Nepal is a network of more than 339-member organisation working for equitable quality education for all. Kumar has the experience of working for child rights and education for more than 30 years. He is the program director of Child workers in Nepal.


Namaste! I am honored and proud to welcome you all to the beautiful country of Nepal. I extend my welcome on behalf of National Campaign for Education as a local host. NCE, Nepal was established in 2003 as the National Chapter of GCE. NCE Nepal has proved to be trustworthy resourceful organisation. We believe in evidence-based policy change and implementation. Research is central for us and provides the basis for advocacy. Nepal has transitioned from a centralised to federal political system and we have 2 levels of governments – Local, provincial and national by election. Constitution in 2015 has recognised the fundamental rights of citizens, guaranteeing up to secondary as free, and primary education as free and compulsory. All the governments of Nepal, development partners, civil society and other stakeholders to be serious and come forward to make constitution into reality.


As per our last report, there is requirement for more than double budget for free and compulsory education with quality teachers, good infrastructure, child friendly environment, etc. in place. We draw attention for significant increase in education financing from domestic budget. As everywhere, public education is in crisis, and privatisation is taking benefits out of it in Nepal. We strongly believe that without strong public education, democracy in real sense is not possible. We thus stand for transforming education for quality, inclusion and justice. CS has a distinct and crucial role in holding govt and donors accountable to ensure relevance and equity.


Am sure that this historic WA in Nepal will be instrumental for shaping strategies around the globe. This has given us the strength and courage to work for good quality public education, which is prerequisite for peace and harmony of society. Once again, welcome you all to birthplace of Lord Buddha and Mount Everest.


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