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Dear Members

The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation has announced the next round of its International Public Policy Fellowship Program. The foundation seeks applicants with distinguished involvement in efforts to improve the lives of persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities at the local, regional or national level, particularly in low and middle-income settings.

The Foundation seeks Fellows for the following placements:

  • 1. UNICEF Country Office, Kathmandu, Nepal (Fellowship in inclusive education)
  • 2. UNICEF Headquarters, New York, USA (Fellowship in inclusive education)
  • 3. Office of the Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Geneva, Switzerland (Fellowship in disability rights)

If you have know of and have exemplary individuals in your coalitions / networks that are persons experiencing disability and/or family members of persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities who are currently working or volunteering in the field of inclusive services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we encourage you to share this Fellowship application with them.

See the application requirements and guidelines here and attached.

In Solidarity,

The GCE Secretariat


Link to the document:

Link to the Fellowship webpage:

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