Last week, the United Nations (UN) Economic and Social Council granted the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) Special consultative status. The good news came while GCE’s boards members were meeting in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Special consultative status was granted by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the main entry point for NGOs into the UN system. Presenting itself as bringing “people and issues together to promote collective action for a sustainable world”, ECOSOC serves as a central forum for discussing international economic and social issues, and for formulating policy recommendations to Member States. The status will give the GCE the possibility to influence the work of the Council and its different bodies by attending international conferences and events, making written and oral statements, or organising side events. The GCE will also be granted annual passes to UN premises, for increased opportunities to network and lobby.

Camilla Corso, President of GCE rejoiced that the status will allow the GCE to bring the voice of its members within the UN system, fostering the organisation’s participation in the sustainable development goal process as well as “expand the possibility of action vis a vis the UN human rights instruments and committees”.

The announcement was seen as a great start for the other board discussions, touching on the future of the Civil Society Education Fund and setting the framework for this year’s World Assembly, coming up in November. Overall an inspiring meeting, as enthusiastically labelled by GCE’s board member David Archer.

Board members and the Secretariat team in Beirut, Lebanon. Photo: GCE

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