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The Global Campaign for Education raises concerns on the proposed Education Outcomes Fund

A few months ago a concept note appeared for an ‘Education Outcomes Fund’ (see https://www.educationoutcomesfund.org), produced by the Education Commission and the Impact Investment Steering Group. The ‘Education Outcomes Fund’ seeks to raise $1 billion to ‘scale up proven and / or innovative services from non-State actors … by paying for the results achieved’. The Global Campaign for Education has reviewed in detail the proposals for this fund and has raised a number of concerns, which are captured in the full statement which can be found here.

The concerns raised by GCE include:

·The way that ‘creating a market for outcomes’ will contribute to the commercialisation and commodification of education – and undermine the right to education.

·The legitimisation of profit making from basic education provision

·The use of ‘Development Impact Bonds’ .

·The proposal to create a ‘centralised commissioning capability and standardise the process of establishing impact bonds’.

·This focus on results-based financing.

·The high risk of unintentionally further marginalizing children.

·The proposal for ‘independently verified learning outcomes’.

·The way that this fund contributes to the further proliferation of the education financing architecture rather than using existing mechanisms and increasing harmonisation.

·The focus on non-state actors without any attempt to disaggregate or to be explicit in avoiding commercial, for-profit providers.

·The way this distracts attention from the real challenge of increasing domestic resource mobilisation. If 97% of funds for education will come from domestic sources this should be the central focus of our efforts.

The Global Campaign for Education calls on those involved in discussions about this fund to shift their focus and put their energy into reinforcing existing international financing mechanisms, focusing on strengthening public education systems, respecting the right to education and responding to SDG4 goals and targets. 

Please find the full statement here.