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The Palestinian Education Coalition expresses concern over the financial crisis facing UNRWA and calls for immediate action


Palestinian Education Coalition (PEC) warns of the severe consequences on the education situation especially with the lack of funding of UNRWA. As we are approaching the new academic year, many UNRWA schools are at high risk of closure denying many Palestinian Students their right to education. In order to prevent this from happening, political well along with immediate funding to UNRWA is needed.

There are 257 UNRWA schools in the West Bank, 96 UNRWA schools in the Gaza Strip providing essential education to 296,638 Palestinian Students (Girls & Boys) mostly working two shifts to meet their needs.

PEC views the decrease of funding and foreseen downsizing of UNRWA as part of political pressure mainly perused by the U.S. Government for political purposes to pressure the P.A. to give in and accept the “deal of the century.” Humanitarian aid should never be politicized, the threats against UNRWA schools constitutes a flagrant violation of children's right to education and flagrantly violate international obligations towards the achievement of the Fourth Goal of World Declaration on Education for All 2015-2030. In order to prevent this from happening, this would require all duty bearers to take action and support UNRWA’s education program.


Call to Action

In this context, the Palestinian Education Coalition calls upon all duty bearers  to provide all the necessary funding to ensure that UNRWA schools are open and provide all the essential educational services of Palestinian students. PEC calls upon INGOs in all countries to organize and launch advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about UNRWA important work and how their closure would have severe impact on Palestinian vulnerable people.