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Devastation in Nepal: GCE stands in solidarity with Nepalese education campaigners NCE Nepal

The devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake which hit Kathmandu, Nepal on 25th April has resulted in almost 4,000 deaths and over 6,500 casualties to date, with the government declaring a state of emergency in 35 districts of Nepal. A further earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.7, has exacerbated the situation, leaving millions of Nepalese without access to basic services. Ongoing aftershocks are stopping those who require medical attention entering hospitals for fear of building collapse, and causing citizens to seek shelter in the vast ‘tent cities’ which have sprung up in affected areas.

An estimated 2.8 million children live in the 35 districts, and efforts by UNICEF and its partners are targeting the safety, health and education of these children in the aftermath of the disaster.

Limited contact has been made with members of the National Campaign for Education Nepal (NCE Nepal) through regional GCE member ASPBAE (Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education), and any further updates will be circulated to the full GCE membership.

GCE stands in solidarity with its member coalition NCE Nepal, and hopes all colleagues and their families are safe and well. GCE will work to support all efforts to rebuild Nepal, its infrastructure and its education system in the coming months to ensure a secure future for the citizens of Nepal.

This statement is also available in French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese