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Principles and Demands

Global Campaign for Education Principles

The campaign is driven by the conviction that quality public education for all is achievable, and by the concern for the immense costs of failure.

GCE believes that in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, exclusion from education will translate into growing poverty, inequality and deprivation.

The Global Campaign for Education commits itself to achieve its mission with objectivity, transparency and accountability and to follow democratic norms and processes in all its plans and actions.

We believe education is:

  • A universal human right;
  • The key to poverty alleviation and sustainable human development;
  • A core responsibility of the state;
  • Achievable if governments mobilize the political will and available resources.


Our demands

With so much to gain, there can be no excuse for delay. The GCE therefore demands that governments north and south take immediate action to implement the Education for All goals and strategies agreed by 180 world governments at Dakar in April 2000. In particular, we call:

  • On governments, to involve citizens' groups, teachers and communities in developing concrete plans of action for delivering and sustaining free, good quality public education for all;
  • On governments, to abolish fees and charges for public primary education, and to increase their own spending on adult, early childhood, primary and basic education, with priority investments in schools and teachers serving the most disadvantaged groups;
  • On the World Bank and rich Northern countries, to increase aid and debt relief for basic education, and fund a Global Initiative to back national plans with speedy, coordinated and predictable delivery of the additional resources needed;
  • On civil society organizations, to hold their own governments and international institutions accountable for upholding the right to education, and delivering on the Education for All goals.

Download GCE's constitution (PDF)

Becoming a GCE Member

There are many benefits to becoming a member of GCE:

  • your organisation will be part of a truly international movement with members in 96 countries
  • access to a network of like-minded organisations and professionals working for the same objectives, with opportunities to develop skills, share knowledge and increase the impact of your work
  • GCE is led by its members: the way the campaign develops is down to you.

Fully-subscribed member organisations and coalitions are able to participate in the Global Campaign for Education's World Assembly, vote for the future policy positions of the Global Campaign for Education, stand for election to the management structures of GCE, use the GCE logo on materials, and are eligible to apply for funding for Global Action Week and other advocacy activities. 

GCE Members must subscribe to our Principles and Demands and agree to uphold our constitution.

We believe in uniting civil society in the common pursuit of the right to education - therefore only one education coalition is recognised in each country. Individuals, national organisations or trade unions are encouraged to join their national education coalition, but are not eligible to join the Global Campaign for Education as an international member. If you represent an organisation in a country which already has a GCE member, please feel free to contact them to discuss joining the national coalition.

To apply for membership: please read the membership leaflet before filling out the membership application form. Please direct any membership enquiries to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Membership Leaflet:

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Membership Application Form:

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