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Civil Society Education Fund

Whilst governments hold the main responsibility for ensuring that people have access to quality basic education there is a wide array of actors within a country that can and should be involved in delivering on education. Civil society is one of these partners, who can play a crucial role by bringing voices together under common platforms to make the case for education.

The Global Campaign for Education believes that the contribution of a broadbased and coordinated civil society is invaluable for improving education. Based on this principle, GCE works to bring together concerned parties, such as NGOs, teachers’ unions, parents’ groups and community organisations, to function as National Education Coalitions. These coalitions act as national voices representing civil society in political forums.

With their broad-based membership of grassroots, regional and national organisations National Education Coalitions are well equipped to provide firsthand knowledge and evidence to inform education sector planning and monitoring. They encourage increased spending on education; ensure that education budgets are spent well and that the money reaches intended targets. Representing interest groups of marginalised people, NECs emphasize that the human right to public quality education applies to ALL people and make sure that this is reflected in national education sector plans. 


Civil Society Education Fund

PNG CSEFGCE operates a major project dedicated to supporting the growth and capacity of national education coalitions in Africa, Asia and Latin America: the Civil Society Education Fund (CSEF).

Good Practice Resources

Quality thumbnailA selection of learning materials designed to help national education coalitions learn from each other across a spectrum of activities such as growth, advocacy capacity, localised action and anti-corruption measures.