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GCE and its members run national, regional and global campaigns across all of the Education For All goals. Anyone can get involved – and in this section you can find out how to be part of our global campaigns.
You can also visit our ’ pages to find out how to get involved in national and regional campaigns. 

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To realise the right to education for all, to ensure that every adult and child can learn the vital skills of literacy and numeracy and break the cycle of poverty, then every student must have a trained teacher.


Rights from the Start: Early Childhood Care and Education

busEvery child has the right to education, and these rights start from birth. We are calling on world leaders to keep their promises and ensure early childhood care and education for every child – right from the start

4 Credit GCE MozambiqueGirls around the world are experiencing gender discrimination from the age of just seven years old, with one in ten primary schoolgirls reported being unhappy being a girl, doubling to one in five by the time they reach secondary school.


HLP JOIN1 in 4 women cannot read this sentence. Millions of girls around the world continue to face discrimination, violence, neglect, exploitation and abuse. Education is the right which has the most chance of transforming their lives. 

FTF-LOGOWhat does $8bn buy? You could buy 4% of the TV screens bought in 2010. Or 3 days worth of cigarettes for every smoker in the world. Or it could change the future for millions of children by giving them the chance to go to school.


Global Action Week is the most campaign intensive part of the GCE calendar with national educational coalitions preparing for up to nine months in advance to ensure that the week has maximum impact on decision makers. Since its inception, Global Action Week participation has grown from 2 million people in 2003 to over 15 million in 2010. Global Action Weeks Global Action Week is a major part of the GCE calendar. Each year, GCE and its member put a specific focus on one of the Education for All goals, with the aim of achieving policy change nationally and reinforced international commitments and support.