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About us

about usThe Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a civil society movement that aims to end the global education crisis. Education is a basic human right, and our mission is to make sure that governments act now to deliver the right of everyone to a free, quality, public education. 

Our membership is comprised of a huge variety of national, regional and international civil society organisations, teachers’ unions and child rights campaigners. Together, we hold governments to account for their promises repeatedly made to provide Education for All.

Nationally, there are over 80 education coalitions which have their own memberships comprised of teachers’ unions, NGOs and other civil society organisations committed to education.


These national coalitions work to effect positive change in their education systems, monitor commitments made by their governments and represent their countries on the international political stage.

GCE was established in 1999 and delivered a united civil society voice during the World Education Forum in Dakar in 2000, influencing the six Education for All goals. Since then GCE has continued to grow and some important progress has been made, including 40 million more children in school. However, far more still needs to be done to realise the right to quality education for all. Close to a billion people right now are being denied the education that would change their lives. 

GCE campaigns throughout the year, mobilising pressure from all sectors and holding governments and international institutions to account.


Our Principles

GCE is driven by the conviction that quality education for all is achievable, and by the concern for the immense cost of failure to deliver the right to education.

GCE believes that in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, exclusion from education will translate into growing poverty, inequality and deprivation.

We commit to achieving our mission with objectivity, transparency and accountability and to follow democratic norms and processes in all of our plans and actions.

We believe that:

  • Education is a universal human right
  • Education is the key to poverty alleviation and sustainable human development
  • Education is a core responsibility of the state
  • Education is achievable if governments mobilise the political will and available resources.

We call for:

  • Free and compulsory, quality public basic education for all children, for at least eight years
  • Increased provision of quality early childhood education and care
  • The eradication of adult illiteracy and a second chance to learn for youth and adults who miss out on formal schooling
  • An end to child labour
  • Democratic participation of, and accountability to, civil society, including teachers and their unions, in education decision making at all levels
  • Reform of International Monetary Fund and World Bank policies to ensure they support, rather than undermine, free, quality public basic education
  • Fair and regular salaries for teachers, properly equipped classrooms and a supply of quality textbooks
  • Inclusive and non-discriminatory provision of services for all
  • The mobilisation of political will and new resources in support of National Education plans to realise the EFA Goals, including adequate public expenditure of at least 6 % of GNP, and substantially increased aid and debt relief for the poorest countries.
You can download the GCE Constitution below. Please note that the constitution below was revised in February 2015 following a quorate Virtual General Assembly of the GCE Membership.
Download the GCE Constitution in English                              Download the GCE Constitution in Español
Download the GCE Constitution in Français                             Download the GCE Constitution in العربية
Download the GCE Constitution in Português